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How/when do I pay for an order I want to place?. [answer] At what time do I send in the form/graphic/payment and in what order?
[answer] What payment forms are accepted?
[answer] I have to add the design onto the order form, is this completely necessary?
[answer] is it possible to getdecks shipped to one location then the remaining elsewhere?
[answer] Do I have to send this form in by mail or e-mail?
[answer] How do i place an order for a sample?
[answer] What is the smallest quantity i could order to start out with?
[answer] How much would it cost with shipping
[answer] where should send my graphic for visual confirmation and if it\'s confirmed, what format I should send it in?
[answer] are your boards 7 ply
[answer] I am getting 4 sizes and only have one template will it work on all the boards? [answer]
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