Graphic requirements

This page will help you speed up your order.

We don't charge setup fees for setting up your graphics. Setting up graphics to print on skateboards require a ton of work. You can help us speed up your order by sending your artwork in the best format for us to complete your order without a ton of extra work for us. This all depends on what program you are using to make your art. If you have any questions in order to help you determine how to send you art or how to make your art please call us or send us a email. If you don't have any graphic programs to make your art then draw as big as you can on a 8.5x11 peice of paper with black pen. Don't use any metalic ink when drawing your graphic it makes it hard to separate the colors when we scan your art..
Adobe Illustrator info Click here
Adobe Photoshop info Click here
Corel Draw info Click here
If you are using some other program besides this one make sure you click Click here
Graphic template layout
Adobe Illustrator file: Click here to download Adobe Illustrator template file. Save the file as
Graphic template layout
Adobe Photoshop file: Click here to download Adobe Photoshop template file.
Graphic template layout
Jpeg file: Click here to download a JPEG template file

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